Ngx-Restangular is a tailor made Angular solution for any web application that gets data from RESTful API.


Easy to use when working on complex client-side tasks. Supports promises and observables, has clear structure and a long list of features.
  • Send requests easily using different settings

    Set configuration to use various settings in diverse parts of your application. Generate different requests to different services without troubles.
    Photo of sending requests GET, POST, PUT, DELETE in Ngx - restangular Illustration of RESTful API in Ngx - restangular
  • Send request from within an object

    Once you have got an object as an response for an URL you are able to send further quests using that object. No need to specify the URL each time.
    Photo of not using Url manually in Ngx - restangular Illustration of work with Url in Ngx - restangular
  • Use meaningful names instead of URLs

    Once you receive an object from an URL you can use meaningful names to access data next time. There is no need to remember each URL you use.
    Photo of how you can change Url in Ngx - restangular Illustration of possibility to update Url in Ngx - restangular
  • Specify custom HTTP methods

    It is possible to add custom HTTP methods. Add unique logic to a custom method and receive what you need with a server response.
    Photo of creating own HTTP methods by Ngx - restangular Illustration of Ngx-restangular possibility to create HTTP methods
  • Work with nested RESTful resources

    Ngx-restangular has built-in features to work with nested entities.
    Photo of How Ngx - restangular easily works with nested entities Illustration of work with nested entities in Ngx - restangular Restangular
  • Do not create new object for each request

    Send the first query, receive an object and use it further to make server requests instead of creating new objects each time.
    Photo of How easily work with object requests in Ngx - restangular Illustration of object requests in Ngx - restangular